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The kids are not alright. And make no mistake, they cannot be alright on their own.

Violence. Rape. Drugs. Guns.

There is a menace in our society today. And this menace is wreaking havoc in our children.

It is the absence of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

School violence practically exploded on our faces in the late 1990s. The shooting in Columbine High School was a highly publicized event that shook America to its core. But whose fault is it?

And as citizens, is there something we can do to help the wayward youth find their ways to God?

Our youth is suffering from moral poverty, and you have a responsibility to correct this problem.


We at But I See Good are aware of this problem, and we are advocating something that will help our youth reconnect with the Lord Jesus Christ.


It is our intention to make as many people involved as we can, and make sure that no youth in this country is lost in moral corruption. We will spread the word of God and help our lost youths see the light, turn their backs against the darkness, and help them change their perspective about life.

It is our mission to Encourage, Enlighten, and Empower our youths!

So, how are we going to do this?

We at But I See Good know that to get our youths on the right path, we must provide them with a method to channel their frustrations the proper way. We will encourage them with a deck of cards that will show them a ray of hope on every card.

But why cards?

It is because God has chosen the ways of the fool to teach the wise. Yes, cards are used in casinos. People use it to gamble.


Poker. Spades. Blackjack. They are the ways of the devil.


But to defeat evil, you got to get at the devil.


These cards are special, for they contain a message that will remind our young people that there is a God who watches over them. And we will ask God to knock on their hearts through these cards.

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